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"Sand Dunes is an exceptional body of work.  The viewer is drawn to the work by its vibrant hues and minimalist compositions. 

Magnum Awards 2016 -Submission Review feedback 

David Dickson is a Mosman based photographer & designer.  His work has gained acceptance into National and International Exhibitions. David completed a Bachelor of Science Architecture Degree at the University of Newcastle in 1997.  David has also been inspired by the writing of philosophers Henry David Thoreau and Ralf Waldo Emerson. David's major photographic influence is Henri Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams and landscape inspired artist Andy Goldsworthy.
David's photography has been published in magazines and printed publications in Australia and Asia Pacific with the most recent being Australian National Construction Review with contributions to Tasman Hotel, Parliament Square, Royal Hobart Hospital, Shene Distillery, 88 Walker St, The Siding Petersham, 88 @ St Leonards, Trace Environmental,  Fairlight Residences articles.) 

duneddddd 2.JPG

These works celebrate landscape's various connections. Connection with the weather elements that light, sculpt and shape it ; our physical human connection expressed through footprints, movement and shadows; and landscapes connection to our consciousness expressed through our own individual interpretation of genius loci or spirit of place. Through these connections we gain an understanding of our placement as merely elements within the landscape no more significant than a dune, a tree stump or blade of grass - we are exposed to the same processes of change, erosion, growth and renewal. To walk a zig-zag line through the sand dunes - sometimes I find myself running, sometimes I pause and stop only to take off again at double speed. There is no direction to think about - it's just a progression nothing. I am like a ball of spinifex grass blowing in the wind. Through this directionless nothingness the windblown leaves in my mind begin to settle. A connection emerges, a diagram is answer to a known or undiscovered question...a photographic image results. Nature provides direction, it provides truth, comfort, contrast, clarity and vision. It is friend, soul mate, motivator and teacher. To walk in nature and think of nothing - to walk and look at nothing and see nothing. I am blank and ready to draw and to be drawn upon. When every part of your soul is looking for answers, nature provides the diagram. We manifest the answer - we move to it like a person moves to warmth when they are cold - we are drawn to it. It reaches out - its all just energy - an exchange. It feels more like a celebration with ones self - a dance between ones thoughts, ones eyes and the light left in the day. A memory trace, a shadow, a footprint in the sand - these elements remind us that we are all just transient vagabonds in this constantly changing and sometimes spectacular landscape.



The strongest image in the series is #1. The sharpness of resolution combined with the perfect shallow depth of field create a breathtaking image. This image epitomizes the sense of serenity and contemplativeness as well as the transitory nature of change you reflect on in your statement. 

Magnum Awards 2016 -Submission Review Judges feedback) 



A revitalizing sunrise walk along Kingston Beach Tasmania. Today dog and owner find themselves joined by a companion bird - an ancestor or spirit guide perhaps. A simple harmony of three. In the reflective sublime emptiness they appear like simple characters in a Michael Leunig drawing.

Australia Life Exhibition 2017 -Submission

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